ME 078 Furtwängler: Brahms 1; Wagner: Tannhäuser Ov/Caracas 1954/

ME 078 Furtwängler: Brahms 1; Wagner: Tannhäuser Ov/Caracas 1954/



ME 078 Furtwängler: Brahms 1; Wagner: Tannhäuser Ov/Caracas 1954/


Wilhelm Furtwängler conducts Wagner and Brahms

Overture, Tannhäuser 1 (13:40)

Symphony No 1
2 [i] Adagio – Allegro (14:13) 3 [ii] Allegro (9:58)
4 [iii] Affetuoso (5:17)
5 [iii] Allegro (16:52) Orquestra Sinfonica Venezuela

Furtwaengler’s activities in 1954 – which saw his untimely death in November – was decidedly hectic, alternating studio recordings and live concerts, in Berlin, Vienna, Bayreuth, in Lucerne, in Paris, in Italy, even in Venezuela…

And it is precisely the last-named venue that is the recording of two concerts held in Caracas in March 1954 that we are reviewing here.

The programmes included Wagner’s Tann- häuser Overture, Richard Strauss’ Don Juan, Haendel’s Concerto Grosso op 6 No 10 and Brahms’ first Symphony, a repertoire tradition- ally addressed by the Master at least as regards first and last songs, the performance of

Haendel’s Concerto is rarer.

In addition, the Venezuela Symphony Orchestra – at whose helm Furtwangler conducted the concert – is certainly not comparable to the legendary Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics, and the orchestral defects unfortunately have been captured quite distinctly.

Yet even in these conditions, Furtwaengler’s genius emerges triumphant: he, as usual, manages to obtain performances that are fully convincing – and always far from the routine – especially in the Strauss’ symphonic poem and in the Brahms first symphony, in which the Master’s concertising – sustained dynamics and sudden forward momentum – typical of a titanic interpretation of Brahms manages to make the most of an orchestra that is not excellent (but certainly galvanized by the conductor).

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Please note that this recording, although carefully re-mastered, has considerable sonic limitations due to imperfect original sources

Edited by Chris Brereton, Bournemouth


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