IVA 115 KEYBOARD WORKS VOL 2 Joseph Haydn CONCERTINI Ilse von Alpenheim



Joseph Haydn
The Keyboard Works, Volume 2 THE ELEVEN CONCERTINI

Ilse von Alpenheim, hammerflügel Alexander van Wijnkoop, first violin Eva Zuurgbrück, second violin Walter Grimmer, cello

Rudolf Frei, double bass
Jozef Brejza, first horn
Alfred Kasprzok, second horn

“…these are competent, spirited perfor- mances of essentially lightweight music, which taken in small doses is agreeable enough. The tinkly fortepiano is well bal- anced, and the recordings are good if not


The Penguin Guide 1982, p362]

Recorded in Switzerland and first released on Turnabout S TV 37103-5 S in 1976. Remastering by Chris Brereton, Bournemouth and Alexandre Bak, Reference Recordings, Paris

Exclusive ADCS release

IVA 115 (2 CDs)
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